For a facility with over 25,000 people coming through the doors every day from all over the world, fighting the battle against germs requires a sophisticated game plan.

For the Nashville International Airport, the recent resurgence of travelers added another level of urgency to those plans.

In the midst of a major renovation, the airport had an opportunity to incorporate amenities to make travelers feel safer, including providing reliable access to hand sanitizer. 

They wanted to install recessed hand sanitizing fixtures throughout the airport, but the architects working on the project kept running into roadblocks. 

“We almost settled on one option, but installation would have been too complicated,” said TJ Ju, the lead architect on the renovation project. “We were resigned to specifying wall-mounted dispensers.”


Fate intervened when Ju came across Vaask at the American Institute of Architects convention in 2022. 

“I was immediately intrigued because they were such nice-looking fixtures,” Ju said. “When we understood how easy they were to install and maintain, we were sold.”

Efforts to provide hand sanitizer at the airport had been problematic in the past. With such a high volume of foot traffic, typical dispensers were prone to breaking down. Too often, users would encounter units that were broken, empty or out of battery power.

Vaask’s all-metal construction and 5-year warranty assured Ju the fixtures could withstand the high usage of an airport environment. 

The ease of maintenance was another big plus. 

“Our custodial manager is very excited that fixtures can be refilled with any sanitizing gel,” Nashville Airport construction manager Brice Latham said. “And not having to replace batteries will save money and make them easier to maintain.” 

The renovation team wanted to install recessed units to keep floor space clear for travelers hurrying through the concourse with their luggage. 

“The dispenser stands wouldn’t stay in the same place,” Latham said. “People kept moving them—the cleaning crew or airport staff, even passengers—and they often ended up obstructing the middle of the walkway.”

Not only are the Vaask fixtures a natural fit in their locations throughout the concourse, installation was “a piece of cake,” according to Latham.

The brushed chrome faceplate and arms have been a perfect match for the newly upgraded spaces where Vaask has been installed. They’ve worked out so well that additional Vaask fixtures are set to be installed on the ticketing level of the airport in the future.