When your hotel’s regular clientele consists of Grammy-award winning musicians, such as Paul McCartney, Bono and Rhianna, and A-list celebrities, finding new ways to dazzle guests with unexpected details can be a challenge.

Located just off the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, the iconic Sunset Marquis Hotel has served as a tranquil respite for entertainment industry notables, and anyone seeking an extraordinary hospitality experience, for 60 years.  

The acclaimed hotel went through renovations in 2022 that included adding a new on-site gym, called the Wellness Studio. As they designed the new gym space, Eric Rosen and Lesley Graham of Eric Rosen Architects wanted it to match the luxury ambiance of the rest of the hotel. 

Not only was it important to offer an extraordinary experience, they were also focused on meeting rigorous health standards to protect guests, including providing access to hand sanitizer. On their wish list was an attractive hand sanitizing dispenser that made efficient use of space. 


As soon as the architects discovered Vaask, they loved the streamlined, modern look of the fixture. They were also impressed with how well it fit into the 800-square-foot space. 

“Being able to install it recessed into the wall meant it wouldn’t take up any valuable floor space,” said Rod Gruendyke, the hotel’s general manager. It also matched the high-end aesthetics of both the gym and hotel. 

Gruendyke put in the highly regarded NightBird Recording Studios when he recognized it was the perfect amenity for the hotel’s musically talented regulars. He was inspired to add an on-site gym when it became clear it was something the hotel’s privacy-seeking guests needed. 

The Sunset Marquis’ unique clientele seek out the hotel because the staff goes out of its way to protect them from inquisitive eyes. Although they are free to visit the exclusive EquinoxWest Hollywood across the street, guests also wanted the ability to work out in a space as discreet as their own home.  

“They wanted to be able to bring their own trainers or security detail into the gym with them. So we created the Wellness Studio to give them that option,” Gruendyke said.

Every detail included in the Wellness Studio had to meet a high bar for quality, performance and efficient use of space. The top-of-the-line Technogym equipment has the versatility to be used for multiple exercises. Between the multigym, bench and Tonal all-in-one machine, guests can perform hundreds of different exercises. 

Like the high-end equipment populating the gym, Vaask’s fixtures employ state-of-the-art engineering for long-lasting and precise performance. The all-metal construction and LED lights on the all-black fixtures add to their “cool factor,” Gruendyke noted. 

Two dispensers were installed in the space. One is just inside the entry door, and the other sits on the wall amid the exercise equipment. 

The ease of maintenance has been another bonus. Dispensers can be refilled with any sanitizer gel, and a quick swipe with warm water and a microfiber cloth keeps the exterior clean. Vaask’s precision pump mechanism and adjustable dispensing volume also prevent damage to the gym’s beautiful hardwood floors.

“It’s great that we found a way to provide something as utilitarian as hand sanitizer in a way that makes people stop and take notice,” Gruendyke said.

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