As you step through the doors of Fast Friends Beer Co. in Austin, Texas, you are immediately surrounded by the theme of camaraderie and connection that is the foundation of the brewery. From the “Never met a stranger” slogan on the front door and T-shirts to the light-hearted “Beers make buddies” imagery, everyone is made to feel welcome. 

Fast Friends’ founder Dave Childress and his business partner, Christian Helms, were intent on making every detail of the space support a theme of building human connection. It’s all part of a broader mission in which the brewery helps financially support initiatives for positive change.

One of those details was promoting cleanliness by providing ready access to hand sanitizer. Childress and his team believed encouraging good hygiene was especially important in a food service setting. But they wondered if there was a way to do so that wasn’t so clinical and sterile.


When Childress was introduced to Vaask early in the brewery’s building process, he realized the dispenser provided the innovative approach to hand hygiene he had been seeking.

“With Vaask, guests are able to clean their hands while also interacting with our brand in a fun way,” Childress said. 

Each dispenser is adorned with the company’s logo, featuring a playful pair of beer buddies. 

The menu includes a range of culinary options and reflects the brewery’s emphasis on offering something for everyone. There are vegan and gluten-free options as well as “middle of the fareway” meat and cheese dishes. 

“We talk a lot about ‘wow’ moments at Fast Friends, about how we can take the ordinary and make it a notch more fun and unique,” Childress said. 

Evidence of this can be found in the design of the space and menu offerings.

“Vaask gives us one more way to deliver a bit of surprise and delight to our guests.”

The aesthetic aspects of Vaask are what initially drew Childress in, but the superior functionality made it a smart investment for the brewery. 

“The durability and longevity of the dispensers are features we really appreciate,” Childress said. “Plus, cleanup is a breeze, maintenance is a breeze and refilling is a breeze.” 

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