When asked to redesign the law offices of Hornsby Law Group in Atlanta, Andrew Harris of GraysonHarris Interior Design knew exactly what his longtime client was looking for. 

The firm’s founder, an avid art collector, has a keen eye for exceptional style and design. Harris took care to select original pieces, by artists including Joan Miró and Otto Neumann, and use the finest materials in the decor, such as silk wall coverings and marble details. 

“We typically try to create a ‘wow’ factor in the space,” Harris said. 

Plans for the office took shape in 2020. When safety protocols suddenly took on greater importance, Harris had to make some swift adjustments. 

They succeeded in reconfiguring the office layout to create more individual offices and switching to finishes that were easy to clean. But they were unable to find a suitable method for providing hand sanitizer. 

“We even started to design boxes ourselves that could be used to conceal generic sanitizer dispensers,” Harris said. 


While perusing an interior design trade magazine, Harris came across Vaask’s hand sanitizing fixture. 

“This is exactly what we need!” he recalls saying at the time. 

The sleek, contemporary design of Vaask was a perfect match for the style of the office. Vaask not only fit into the carefully curated space but was easy to install and well-built. The durable, all-metal construction and interior components are designed to last through years of frequent use.  

For users, the ease of maintenance has been another bonus. A quick swipe with warm water and a microfiber cloth keeps the fixtures clean. Vaask’s precision pump mechanism and adjustable dispensing volume also prevents damage to the elegant floors.

Permanently installing a hand sanitizing fixture also conveyed an important message to those working in the office. It demonstrates the firm’s commitment to protecting the health and safety of the staff, as well as visitors to the office. 

“We would recommend them to anyone,” one Hornsby Law paralegal said.  

Two fixtures were installed in the law office. One is strategically placed so it is accessible to the front entrance and a hallway to the individual offices. The other is inside the staff break room.

Harris selected the black faceplate with brushed chrome “sink and faucet” to complement the black trim and modern white walls of the office. 

“The Vaask fixture is like a piece of art on the wall,” Harris said.