When guests enter the largest contemporary art gallery in Austin, Texas, some are momentarily surprised by the lively music and animated conversations taking place inside.

It’s all part of how Ao5 Gallery provides a more festive experience for its visitors. Gallery Director Todd Gresley was determined to make people feel comfortable and welcome while viewing the art on display.

“We like loud music so people can talk,” Gresley said in an interview with CultureMap Austin. “You go to galleries, you can hear the footsteps. People are whispering. We want people to be able to exclaim how they feel.”

Placing a priority on guests’ experience also meant investing in ways that protected their health and safety. When the gallery moved north to a larger space in the Arboretum shopping center, gallery owner Camille Easton was able to accommodate more foot traffic and bigger artist events.

To take care of guests, she wanted to make hand sanitizer readily available. But in a space devoted to displaying amazing pieces of art, Easton needed a hand sanitizing fixture that complemented the carefully curated interior.


Easton turned to Vaask, a hand sanitizing fixture that has garnered a slew of design awards.

For an art gallery, the fixture’s design couldn’t be more perfect. “With Vaask being made of metal and designed in a minimalist, streamlined style, it looks like an artist created it,” Easton said.

Another optional feature that has worked well for the gallery is Vaask’s freestanding pedestal, which allows them to position the fixture wherever it works best.

Because it is easy to maintain, staff can focus on the artwork and patrons. Easton also appreciated the wide range of custom options for the faceplate, including colors, metals and graphics.

“We considered a Roy Lichtenstein-style design as well as Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, Easton said. “But really, the possibilities are endless!”