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Why built to last isn’t a thing of the past at Vaask

Finally … a quality hand sanitizer dispenser

The name Vaask® derives from the Norwegian word for “wash,” but in every language, Vaask means one thing above all else: quality. There’s no other hand sanitizer dispenser on the market like it. From its all-metal construction and rugged reliability to its modern lines and precise, touchless gel delivery, Vaask is everything a hand sanitizing dispenser should be.

Why is Vaask synonymous with quality? Days into the COVID-19 pandemic, we all found that existing hand sanitizer dispensers — when you could get your hands on them — were woefully inadequate. In fact, traditional plastic wall dispensers have a whopping 25% failure rate in their first three years, thanks to foreign manufacturing where low cost is valued more than high quality. Clearly the world needed better.

So we went to work assembling a group of some of the best engineers in the business — firmware, software, mechanical and electrical, with dozens of patents among them — for the purpose of building the world’s best hand sanitizer dispenser.

This dedicated team, many of whom had years of experience together creating excellent products at fan and light maker Big Ass Fans®, first examined the many problems of other hand sanitizer dispensers, and then set out to solve all of them in an entirely new and attractive design that people would actually want to use. Because when a hand sanitizer dispenser makes people want to use it not just to keep themselves healthy, but for the experience alone, they’re going to use it whether anyone’s watching them or not. And that helps make all of us healthier.

Built to last

Instead of flimsy plastic, we built Vaask of cast aluminum and galvanized steel. Vaask is so well built, in fact, that it stands up to accidental abuse at the MAC Speed & Strength gym in Plano, Texas. Unlike those “crappy plastic” containers that broke or flew open when a stray soccer ball hit them, “Vaask is indestructible,” said owner Jay McCareins, who knows the importance of strength as a former Princeton University standout and NFL player. 

Vaask is so durable that one of our colleagues even tried and failed to destroy it with a baseball bat. Click here to watch her futile effort.

To ensure smooth and accurate gel dispensing every time, we incorporated a high-end motor, as well as a fully sealed peristaltic pump and laser sensor for extraordinary precision. Typical dispenser motors squirt out varying amounts of gel, depending on its thickness. 

California’s Tachi Palace Casino Resort sought out Vaask because those traditional dispensers routinely spurted out more than necessary, leading customers to clap their hands and send sanitizer soaring every which way. The maintenance team found itself dealing with peeling paint, damaged keypads and cracked material on high-end chairs. 

“We were looking for durable, uniform dispensers that would fit into our resort look and feel, and Vaask delivered,” Facilities Manager James Silveira said.

Vaask can even be easily adjusted to dispense different amounts of gel to suit the setting, such as when installed in schools with small children and their growing hands.

Simplified maintenance

All of Vaask’s components guarantee clean and accurate touchless delivery, as well as sturdy durability — Vaask is built for the long term. That’s why customers love our dispensers — and maintenance employees do as well. 

We designed Vaask to require minimum attention, with extra-large gel containers for fewer refills and an optional online monitoring dashboard for automatic low-level alerts. If a dispenser should ever require more than a simple refill, QR codes quickly direct you to video tutorials, and we designed Vaask so that all parts are accessible, modular and can easily be replaced with just a Phillips-head screwdriver.

We also developed a local and regional supply chain to support Vaask, which is manufactured here at our headquarters in Austin, Texas. That way, we’re always able to keep an eagle eye on quality and quickly respond to special customer requests because we know that a sure sign of quality is the ability to provide individual, human attention.

Finally, while our dispensers work with any quality sanitizer gel, Vaask’s own Island Citrus gel needs to be felt — and smelled — to be appreciated. If the real proof of the pudding is in the eating, the real proof of Vaask’s quality is in the feeling it leaves you with: Clean, fresh and ready to face the world. Time and again our customers tell us, Vaask’s pleasant scent and gentle feel makes them want to use it again and again. 

And isn’t that really the point?

Vaask’s Recognition

Ready for Vaask in Your Space?​

Vaask’s Recognition

Ready for Vaask in Your Space?​