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Featured Article

Vaask will ensure a green future

Installing Vaask hand sanitizing fixtures in your space can help you meet green cleaning policy requirements toward earning LEED certification points. 

Rating system: 
LEED v4.1 Operations and Maintenance 
Indoor Environmental Quality


To receive certification points under the Green Cleaning Policy, applicants must meet the EQ Prerequisite.

Installing Vaask in your building can support the goals and strategies of Option 1: In-House Green Cleaning Policy.

Relevant Goals and Strategies with Vaask

    • Provisions for addressing protection of building occupants during cleaning, including vulnerable populations
    • Guidelines for selection and appropriate use of disinfectants and sanitizers
    • Strategies for promoting and improving hand hygiene

Possible green cleaning points

Green Cleaning – Products and Materials (1 point possible)

To achieve the Products and Materials credit, 75 percent of cleaning products used in a facility must meet the green performance threshold.

How Vaask can contribute

Using an EcoLogo sanitizer with your permanent fixture can help earn this credit.

Green Cleaning – Equipment (1 point possible)

To achieve the Equipment credit, 40 percent of all powered janitorial equipment must meet standards to protect occupants, users, finishes and the environment.

How Vaask can contribute

Using permanent fixtures can help meet this goal by reducing single-use battery waste.


Vaask: Purposefully Designed

Vaask fixtures are deliberately crafted to support efforts toward a positive environmental impact.   

Reusable components reduce waste 

  • High-capacity, refillable 2-liter tank
    • Cuts down on single-use plastic
    • Tank made of recyclable material
  • Runs off AC power or PoE to eliminate batteries 

Durable construction eliminates need to frequently replace units

  • Made of cast aluminum and steel
  • Internal components last through 500,000+ doses
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty

Uses energy efficiently 

  • Requires only 0.25 amps of power 
  • Uses energy-saving LED lights

Manufactured in America for a lower carbon footprint

    • Domestic transportation of components reduced fuel use
    • Manufacturing follows U.S. environmental regulations

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Vaask’s Recognition

Ready for Vaask in Your Space?​

Vaask’s Recognition

Ready for Vaask in Your Space?​