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Vaask introduces online dashboard to monitor sanitizer levels

New software eliminates laborious task of individually checking dispensers

AUGUST 1, 2023 — AUSTIN, TEXAS — Hand hygiene company Vaask® today introduced a new online dashboard for its touchless hand sanitizing dispenser that tracks sanitizer levels, ensuring units always stay filled and employees and guests stay healthy.

The online dashboard, available on Apple and Android devices and computers, allows facilities managers to monitor all their Vaask dispensers and frees maintenance staff from needing to individually check each unit. The technology builds on Vaask’s intuitive design, which uses an array of LED lights to alert staff when sanitizer levels are low or empty. 

This exclusive technology solves the most common barrier to hand sanitizer use, despite it being more essential than ever—a lack of availability. A study published earlier this year by the American Journal of Infection Control found 77% of people report dispensers to be empty.

“Traditional sanitizer dispensers sit empty or broken because overworked maintenance staff can’t keep up,” Vaask Founder Jon Olsen said. “Being able to manage multiple fixtures through a central dashboard is a game changer for them.”

With businesses facing a shortage of maintenance personnel, the need for efficiency is more important than ever. According to an industry survey, 66% of facilities managers and staff left or considered leaving their job in 2022.

The online dashboard displays sanitizer fill levels, as well as estimates of how soon each will need to be refilled and whether any units need to be serviced. The display can be sorted according to different criteria on the dashboard, allowing managers to quickly gauge sanitizer supply needs and assign tasks. The amount of sanitizer dispensed for each individual unit can also be adjusted through the online dashboard. This is especially helpful where smaller doses of sanitizer are appropriate, such as in settings where children are frequent users. 

“Broken and empty dispensers send the message that you don’t care about the health of your guests and employees,” Olsen said. “We created Vaask to fix this problem. With this technology, you’ll never have an empty sanitizing fixture.”

About Vaask

Built to last, Vaask offers an effective, money-saving hand sanitizing solution. Features of the dispenser, which has won more than 70 design and technology awards, include:

  • No batteries required — runs on AC power or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Made of cast aluminum and steel
  • High-capacity sanitizer tank can be easily refilled, cutting down on plastic waste
  • Customizable

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Vaask’s Recognition

Ready for Vaask in Your Space?​

Vaask’s Recognition

Ready for Vaask in Your Space?​